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Serra da Estrela at 1993 meters is the highest point in Portugal were you can find beautiful landscapes and beautiful places. You will enjoy your tour to Serra da Estrela!

The typical gastronomy including the wonderful cheese, museums, monuments and regional crafts in one place were nature is present and will give you unique and memorable landscapes.

The tour depends a little bit of the weather, special in winter. In Serra da Estrela tour we will visit all possible places. Check same of the places that we will visit.

Serra da Estrela Tower

An amazing place, Serra da Estrela Tower is the highest point of Portugal. Near the tower there are stores with typical products of the region (Bread, Honey, Wool, Serra Cheese) and a restaurant.

Enjoy the magnificent view! For now check an aerial view of this place.

Bread Museum

Bread Museum Seia

In the bread Museum in Seia you can learn the process of how bread is made. The bread museum also have exhibition rooms to explain the political and social effects of bread.

The “Cycle of Bread” is a marionettes recriation of bread-making process that you can follow inside the museum. Visitors also can experience an antique bakery and a old street market.

Do you know breade made with chocolate? Well, don’t loose the opportunity to check this and much more in Bread Museum in Seia.

For more information please check the Seia Bread Museum website.

Monument of Lady of Good Star

Lady of Good Star in Serra da Estrela

Located in Covão do Boi, the monument of Lady of Good Star was inaugurated in 1946 and was build directly in the mountain stone.

The sculpture has more than 7 meters high and was created by António Duarte after the idea of the local priest to create a monument to pay homage to the protector saint of shepherds.

Shepherds are part of Serra da Estrela life. The Woollen Textiles and products, the amazing Estrela Cheese are all derived from sheeps.

We will visit the the Monument of Lady of Good Star the protector Saint of the Shepherds.

Pit of Hell

Pit of Hell Serra da Estrela

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At 1080 meters high, and with difficult access we can find a beautiful waterfall that was given the name “Pit of Hell”.

The water is cold but crystalline and transparent. The waterfall as about 10 meters, originating in Ribeira de Leandres in Penhas Douradas.

For sure this is one of landmarks of Serra da Estrela that you will be able to visit.

Glacial Valley

With more than 20.000 years the Glacial Valleys of Serra da Estrela are unique in Portugal. There are five routes outlined by ice, including the Zêzere Glacier Valley, the largest in Europe with 13 Km in extension.

Waterfalls, pastors and sheeps and homes that merge in the green mountain landscape it’s a natural view in this place. A must see to everyone who do this Serra da Estrela tour.


Cheese Museum

The Cheese Museum  in Serra da Estrela is the perfect place to know the history of lovely sheeps and wise shepherds that live in this mountains.

You will learn the process of manufacturing the famous Serra Cheese.

Check a little view of this Museum that we will visit in our Serra da Estrela Tour

Covão dos Conchos

The lagoon of Covão dos Conchos is an amazing place inside nature. You will feel peace in this place.

in the middle of fields and rocks the lagoon has a structure to capture water from “Ribeira das Naves” and conduct that water in a distance of more than 1500 meters to “Lagoa Comprida”.

This funnel is only a man made tunnel build in the 50’s like many other structures but a place that deserve to be visit in Serra da Estrela.

All days Departures at 09 a.m., this is a Full Day Tour.

*minimum of 4 persons

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